Friday, January 25, 2013

MYSTERY SOLVED! - Not a "Cobra" but "The Eye-Saver"

For a long time this lamp was known as the so-called "Cobra" among dealers and collectors alike, causing at times fears debates about it's name, designer and period. Often falsely attributed to Norman Bel Geddes.

With the discovery of an original Faries lamp catalogue from 1952 the mystery has been solved and facts confirmed. This lamp was designed by JEAN OTIS REINECKE in 1946 and produced by Faries Manufacturing Co. in Decatur, IL USA. Design Patent: 146,987.

In an original Faries catalogue from 1952, this lamp is listed under no. 60243 and is
simply called: "The Eye-Saver".

An excerpt from the original Faries Manufacturing Co. Lamp catalogue 1952. "The Eye-Saver" as offered to general public.

An original design patent filed on Jan. 7, 1946 by Jean Otis Reinecke (Des. 146,987)

 THE JOY OF COLLECTING! - by Robert :-)

Monday, June 18, 2012

German industrial bakelite desk lamp "EMVT" 1950s
FOR SALE: German industrial desk lamp made almost entirely of bakelite (red wine and black) with pivotal lamp shade. Original manufacturer label: PGH Elektro - Medizin - Vakuum - Technik, Leipzig-Leutzsch. This lamp is in very good condition with bakelite without cracks or chips - minor scratches to chrome.

Measurements: max. h 44 cm (16'') lamp shade diameter 19 cm (7,5'').

Style: Industrial / Bauhaus

Friday, April 8, 2011

Myths surrounding Walter Von Nessen lamp...
This lamp is often falsely attributed to Walter Von Nessen!

Table lamp designed in 1928 by Leroy C. Doane for Miller Company in Meriden, CT, USA.

US Patent No. 1,818,120 awarded to designer Leroy C. Doane for this lamp.

Modern replica of this lamp is currently produced by Terry Tynan Lamps & Lighting Co. in North Wales, PA, USA

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Norman Bel Geddes - "Cobra" desk lamp 1930s USA

A very rare American Streamline / Machine Age "Cobra" desk lamp designed by Norman Bel Geddes one of the greatest industrial designers of 20 century. With original manufacturer's sticker: "Faries Manufacturing Company Decatur, Illinois".

NOTE: This lamp was not designed by Norman Bel Geddes as previously attributed. This claim is substantiated through recently discovered US patent.

Designed by JEAN OTIS REINECKE in 1946 and produced by Faries Manufacturing Co. in Decatur, IL USA. Design Patent: 146,987.

Attribution to Norman Bel Geddes is false!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

German Art Deco mantel clock "Resoanker"

German Art Deco mantel clock with "Big Ben" chimes. Made by "Resoanker" in beautiful dark nut-wood veneer.